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Friday, January 13, 2012

Snowman Craft

I came across something like this a while ago and decided to re-create it. However, I chose to re-create it as a kid friendly craft. The one I found was a bit difficult for kids to do, and I thought it was just too cute

What you need:  outgrown sweater or felt on embroidery hoops and some buttons or beads.

Decorate it the way you like! Easy no sew craft :)  

I chose to glue glitter felt onto the hoops because it seemes to be easier for the kids. I got a childs scraf from the dollar store and used it for the scarf and hat. Fun and cute! 

I added it to a pre-made wreath.

Have you tried this craft? I would love to see it! 
What are your thoughts on this craft idea for kids?


  1. Cute saw it over at Fiskateers! Can I add you to my blog hop at the end of the month?

  2. Great! Can wait!
    Can you message me at my email:

    I will send you the links!

  3. Very cute. (I saw it at Fiskateers too.) I think it is a great craft for anyone. I love it in the wreath on the door.

  4. This is too cute!! What a pretty wreath!

  5. Very cute snowman--perfect way to decorate a wreath.

  6. Great idea, thanks for sharing it, turned out super cute.

    Smiles Sher

  7. Cute snowman ~ he looks good in the wreath!!

  8. Cute Snowman! The wreath was a great touch!

  9. I think it is DARLING!!! Wonderful idea!!!

  10. Aww! So sweet! I think this would be perfect for a kids craft too! :)

  11. Melanie here! I absolutely loved this piece, please email me--I have a question about your blog :) MelanieLBowen[at]gmail[dot]com